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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bachelorette #...oh, who's counting any more

Whoa, it is late and there are lots of ladies here!

This one will be a bit different. I am not going to post a summary but an opinion only blog. Hope you still enjoy.

Jillian's squeal counter: #1: running to Kiptyn, #2: running to see Kiptyn the night of their date, #3: When she was about to take a bit of escargot, #4: Running to see Reid, #5: When she saw Reid on the night of their date, #6: Hugging Ed (I thought she was going to reunite with Ed with a squeal, but nope, she waited for the hug, a sign? We will see...) #7: On the bike with Douche Bag (Wes will no longer be referred to as Wes, but Douche Bag, or DB)
7 Total Squeals

Kitpyn's Date:
Their date bored me. Kiptyn is just missing something. And, what in the world, I must be nieve, but can't you have an overnight date without having sex. Overnight dates are their only time without the cameras. Why can't you just talk and hang out? No sex required, right ABC?

I don't think Kitypn is as into her as she is into him.

Reid's Date:
"Soy Grande"...Reid's spanish. He must think very "big" of himself...
"Look at where her hand is??? She's trying to find his snake"...Thanks for that observation Mrs. S!

They are so cute. I loved his eye contact and they are just cute together. It was awkward when Reid was talking about why he thinks they work. He seemed to be rambling and reaching for things to make her happy with his answer. When the overnight card comes, he leaves the answer to her. She, again, turns him down. It feels like she said the same thing to Reid that she did to Kitpyn. Poor Reid, he was gentlemanly with the situation, but you could tell he wanted to take the overnight together.

I like Reid and I like Reid for her.

Ed's Date:
His date contained the least about of squeals. Is this a good/bad sign, I don't know. I thought their date started off on the boring side, but I liked seeing Ed's fun side. He didn't have good eye contact, well, actually, neither of them had good eye contact with each other. She gave him the same speech regarding the overnight date. I love his response to her overnight date shutdown. He said he just wanted more time with her...sweet! Her response...She is going to use it to get to know him more. What in the world? Double standard? Why couldn't she "Get to know" the other guys too?

They seemed to have some sweet moments during their overnight time. Sweet times...
"You are my favorite part of Spain"...Ed...ahhhhhh

I would love to type out his whole little speech about Spain and his music and his Spanish followers...BARF!!!!

"Tell me how sexy I look Baby, feed my ego"...DB
"Relationships are all about bendin, and nothin can break if it can bend"...DB
"Let's just say, hypothetically, you were to move to Canada, what would you say?...Jillian; response..."That would be crazy"...DB

Their date caused many involuntary mouth vomits. He is so gross. I am glad that Jillian is seeing the awkwardness and I am glad that DB is acting so awkward. I was so glad to hear Jillian call him out on how the show will benefit his music career. She also called him out on his lack of affection. I'm proud of Jillian during this date. It is about dang time for her to get some cajones and stand up for herself.

Oh, he just said, "I mean, ah, ah, ah, I'm not here to hurt you, but I'm going to be true to myself, and Numero Uno is most important here."

"Um, I think we should"...his response to the fantasy suite...DB!!!!!!!

Yay! Jillian finally stood up for herself and opened her eyes regarding his crap.

I was disappointed with ABC's teaser drama. There is enough drama in this season without them editing the crap out of the show and make us, the loyal viewers, think there is MORE drama than there already is. ABC, give us moms' a break.

I dropped my jaw at the Rose ceremony when DB said, "If it's me, you boys know I'll be back home having lots of sex."...DB


Ed, so sweet, think he will be in the final 2
Reid, think he will also be in the final 2

Yay! Yay! Wes is gone, the wicked Wes is gone! (sing with the wizard of oz, the witch is dead...)

His stupid interview in the limo. His girlfriend should be ashamed of herself for being with a guy like that. I am scared for girls that there are guys like that out there. Single girls beware. Yikes.

Jillian, we are proud of you.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette #8...Lots of girls here for this one!

My couch is full, as well as my tummy, and we are ready for the show!

Philadelphia, PA: Reid
Their date went so sweetly. Reid seems so into her and his family seemed to approve of her. Did it frighten you that the brothers said they think he is still single because of commitment issues?

Valencia, CA: Michael
Quick impressions: His mom is too sweet. Love the twin switch...didn't work!!! Loved Jillian picked that out right away. Sweet!!! His dad seems like a really awesome, down to earth, realistic guy. Loved how the brother said they want to be young husbands to have time with their wives and be young fathers.

His dad asked her to tell 3 things about yourself that you are most proud of: Jillian said, "Laugh at pretty much everything. I Love to see good in everybody. My energy or work ethic."
Nice kiss at the end. I think Jillian's commitment to him grew after meeting his family.

San Diego, CA: Kiptyn
(side note: Jillian...Please stop squealing.)
LOVE the hot tub joke! Was a little nervous with the food/wine test. His sister is in love with the black...black hair, black shirt, black nails.

Quote of the night: Kiptyn's sister, "GET HER PREGNANT!"

First, Kiptyn seems so much more laid back than the rest of his family. His mom really grilled her about working for your happiness and making your marriage work no matter what. Also, his sister seemed hesitant about Kiptyn and her.

What was up with the hot tub swimming with the mother watching. Odd.

Carmel, CA: Jesse
(Do all these scenes from Cali make you want to move out there?)
What's up with burly man brother? Seems like a jerk if you ask me!

When the mom and Jillian were talking, the mom seemed like a counselor. I am just not feeling this family. There seems to be tension. Even Jesse and Jillian seem distant.

Whoa, the dancing and band playing seems out of left field. They seemed like they were way more laid back. We all think he will be going home.

Austin, TX: Wes
She saved the worst for last. I really hope that she figures him out already. What a douche. Upon her arrival he didn't ask her how she was doing or anything, he starts with the fact that he is introducing her to his other family...his band. Uggg. Jillian is just the giddy little girl watching him sing, and yea, he is good, but seriously, get off the show. And please people, don't buy his music.

Jake is back. He wants to tell her that Wes has a girlfriend. He is a little hesitant to share this, so Wes called Tanner...that was a weird person to call.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...Wes is such a pile of dog poo. Someone needs to kick him in the nuts. Jake, finish him off!...or as S said, "Put on your shit kickers and your nut huggers and take care of him."

When Jake came into the picture...Awkward! "Wes has a girlfriend. Her name is Laurel" Jillian is immediately in tears. Oh her poor little face. I love Jake.

Ok, now Wes is in Jillian's room. She asked him if there was anything he needed to tell her. He immediately gets defensive. Not a good technique. He is such a weasel. Poor Jillian.

Man, when Jake walked in to the room, he was ready to lay Wes out. Wes is one sly dog. If Jillian can't see through Wes' sneaky behavior, she is crazy. But man, Jake seems like such a stand up guy. And the tears. Oh my goodness, why is he not still on the show?

And she goes to meet his parents. I'm done with him.

And the show keeps on going. Now ED IS BACK. Holy Moly! She really likes him. Whoa...

I think he said a key word for Jillian, re prioritize. I really like him a lot. He seems really genuine and I like that he knew he messed up. Yea for Ed. I'm glad that she is letting him come to the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony:
We think Jesse and Michael are going home. Let's see if we are right.
(Side Note: Did you guys feel the tension when Ed walked into the rose ceremony? I actually felt bad for him.)

Poor Michael and Jesse. Oh I hated seeing Michael hug her goodbye. His fair well taping, heartfelt and a tear jerker.

Next week, Spain. Maybe Wes will get crushed by a bull.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bachelorette #6

Michael wants a little "smoochie smooch" hoping to get a private car with Jillian. But she misses Ed. Sorry Michael, probably won't happen! Who gets the date????..... Robby!!! Yay..... Stace likes him the best!!!
Thanks Stacey for those words! I am in a bit of a grumpy mood tonight, so tonight's post may be a little different than normal. Bear with me!
Robby's Date:
Their date seemed a little odd. Jillian said that she doesn't need to know if he is ready to settle down, but she needs to know if he wants a family. Don't you need to settle down before you start the family? Then, Robby said that he has everything he needs to be successful, but he is in-between jobs. Is that a bit of kilter for ya'll?

Uh-oh, the train is stopping. I think he is about to get kicked off the train. Jump and roll, Robby, jump and roll. She is giving him the boot. Bye-bye Robby. Poor guy. What a way to go. And I thought I was having a grumpy day. He just had to watch the train with Jillian go away with all the other bachelors waving at him from inside.

Were you surprised by Michael's response to Robby going?

"If there was anyone here with a hidden agenda, it would be me. I just finished working on an album...I have nothing to loose and everything to gain."...douche bag Wes
I really think that Wes is a plant. Like a bug in the system thrown there by ABC to stir up some controversy.
"The fame I get from this, it is almost like I taste it, like I eat it...I'm getting excited, this is fun right here. I'll always have JIllian wrapped around my little finger." Seriously? He is either totally wasted or a plant. ABC, you guys are so obvious.

Group Date: Tanner, Wes, Michael, Jesse, Jake, Kiptyn
I like Michael. Tanner needs to get over his foot obsession.
(Side Note: I love that Reid was asking the train staff about what he should do for his date with Jillian. Oh, and Stace says she likes his mouth...Yummy!)
She is having some one on one time with Jake. I like him. I like that she is looking past his perfection and giving him a shot. They are so cute together.
Kiptyn was the first guy with enough guts (and good timing) to kiss her! She seems to have a stronger thing with Kiptyn than a lot of the other guys.
I think Tanner is gay. To pull down your britches in front of a bunch of dudes and one chick, gay.
"I just don't want to see somebody's package yet" Good girl Jillian.
Does he travel with foot rub stuff? He freaks us all out. If you don't think so, this should help you...
"Now that I felt how soft her feet are, I want her to meet my family. I want the rose." He is either a hardcore freak or ABC planted him too. This season seems way less "real" than any other.
Jesse is starting to stand out more to me. I don't know why he didn't before, but he seems like a genuine guy who is really into her. Plus, he looks like a good kisser!
Yay! Michael is so sweet. Are you guys not just loving this more emotional side? We already know he is super funny and fun and enjoyable. There is an awkwardness between them, but he seems like a sweet guy. I don't know if he is right for Jillian, but I like him.
(Side Note: are any of the guys standing out, in a good way, for Jillian? I don't think so.)

Oh, the crap is about to hit the fan. Tanner just admitted to telling Jillian about how one of the guys had a girlfriend. Now Wes is opening his big planter mouth to everyone about his agenda for getting on the show. Why aren't all the guys kicking his A$$ right now? Hello, someone pull out the Kung Fu Panda moves and take him out!!!!!

Kiptyn got the rose.

Ok. Jillian just listened to Jake spill his heart about how much he likes/loves her. The odd part was when he hugged her. It was weird because of the look in her eyes, which were open. It seemed like a goodbye hug. Hmmmm...Thoughts?

We like Reid. Finally, a guy who stands out!

Rose Ceremony
Kitpyn and Reid already have roses

Overview: Reid really stuck out in this episode. I like him for her a whole lot! I am still really annoyed that Wes is still there. Why aren't the guys telling her? Tanner, why wouldn't you tell her that? It is just plain annoying now. I don't really like any of the other guys for her, well, maybe Jesse. What do ya'll think of the guys who are left and who is good for her?

I like Reid the most!..... Side note.... Stacey's thoughts! "That's what you get for having me proof your sh*t!!!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bachelorette #5

Another girls night at mi casa!

This episode is full of drama. We better find out who has a girlfriend.

3 dates: 2 1-on-1 dates and 1 group date

Date #1: Michael
"Oh my awesomeness"...Michael.
Their date started off fun with the zip-lining and some fun conversation but then moved to dinner where the seriousness was brought out. Jillian asked him why he signed up for the show. He opened up about his breakup and closing down the romantic side of his life. He really seems to be a sweet guy, but I just wonder if he is mature enough for Jillian. Silly is fun but it only lasts so long. I was impressed with him on this date. I think he stepped up the serious. Obviously...he got the rose!

We were all wondering why it took him so long to kiss her. It was so sweet though, he kissed her on the side of the mouth! Overall...good date!

"Burgundy makes you think of silly thoughts. Bordeaux makes you talk about them. Champagne makes you do them!"

Date #2: Tanner, Ed, Wes, Kiptyn, Jesse, Robby, Jake, Reid, Mark

Although this date started off fun on the snow mobiles, it was Jillian's mission to get more info about the guys with alleged girlfriends. First she interrogated Robby. (ok, they had sweet talk too.) Next up was Tanner, the snitch. WHY IS HE NOT TELLING HER WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND. Grrr. If you are going to be a snitch, be a snitch, not a pansy.

Uggg, Wes is now sitting with Jillian. I just threw up a little in my mouth...Wes is talking about his cd. Yuck! Jillian is so wrapped up in him. He might be a good guy, but it is not coming off on the show. He is pimping himself out on the this show to promote his career. I have to say, they had a good kiss. I think I saw some snow melt underneath them!

Kiptyn was next up, after everyone had some shots on the ice bar, to have alone time with Jillian. Nice for him it started with her asking him to touch her butt. He's lovin it! Some of the ladies think he is the one with the girlfriend. I just love how Jillian smiles when she is with him. He is so affectionate with her. It melts your heart.

Reid and Jillian just don't seem to have it.

Ed. Oh Ed. Should he stay or should he go now? If he stays it could be trouble, if he goes it could be double...ok, sorry, I got that song in my head. His job needs him OR ELSE...! Jillian just gave him the rose. She must really like him. That is going to be hard for him!

Side thought: Is the drama of Jillian crying in the elevator going to be because Ed decided he needed to leave and not be because someone has a girlfriend? Hmm...I'll have to wait and see.

Side thought #2: Paps, you still reading this far into it? Love that you read my blog!

Date #3: Jesse
I'm not into the beginning of Jesse's date, nor am I really feeling Jesse anymore.

Quote of the night: "You have like that quality of your voice...someone could listen to you, and lets say you have your own radio or talk show, and put someone to sleep...you have that sweet sexy quality voice."...Jesse

He got the rose. Whatever. I'm over him.
Ok, Jesse's date is over. Now Ed is pacing around. I am so pissed that ABC played up the scene of Jillian crying to be that one of the guys had a girlfriend. Hello! It was because Ed had a job....
On to their conversation. So sad for Jillian. Did you see her bite her lip to hold back tears? So sad. I feel bad for Ed too, but seriously, can he not work from there? Poor thing.
Jillian, in the words of Greg Behrendt, He's Just Not That Into You. The girls here think he might come back. I don't think he is into her, but they think he is a stoic man who really likes her but can't show how much he cares. Whatever. Not into her...NEXT!

The Rose Ceremony:
She is skipping the cocktail party and going straight to the roses. We all think Tanner is getting the boot (haha get it, the boot, and he loves feet!)

Michael and Jesse already have roses.
Jake (surprised she picked him before Wes)
Tanner (there are a lot of WTF going on in my house) I cannot believe she picked him!!!
Wes (we thought she might let Wes go. She made it seem like it was really hard to let Mark go.)

Like the music, eh?

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Garden

Before Christmas, my brother Dennis built me a beautiful garden.  The things we planted, swiss chard, rosemary, onions, carrots have grown great.  Now it is time to plant new stuff.  Here is the garden!

Every afternoon we go water our new seeds and old plants.  This was the clothing choice o' the day!
So happy so see things growing!
Other view of the garden.
You can kind of see the cilantro growing.
This is either tomatoes or okra.
Ok, this is either the okra or tomatoes.  I can't remember where I planted what.  Guess it will be a surprise!
Gage and I planted 2 pumpkin seeds.  We also planted 3 corn seeds, which are growing, but I forgot to take a picture of them....poor corn.  

That's it!  

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bachelorette...#3...Bring it on!

Love having my girls bachelorette watching party!  Love you girls!

Surprise...the guys head to Vancouver, BC, Jillian's hometown.  

Date #1: 1-on-1: Kiptyn
Ok, so they ran to meet each other and totally had an awkward peck kiss.  She does seems super excited to see him though.  They will be kayaking to an open market.  She wanted to race and did you hear her squeaking while rowing?  It was really sweet seeing them shop together, that is something a girl wants...someone to share the daily activities with.  

Sidenote: not a fan of Kiptyn's shoes.  

After shopping at the market they went "home", don't know if it was really her house, and made dinner.  I loved how Jillian was a control freak in the kitchen...totally like me.  You want help, but when someone starts helping in a different way than you want it...Yikes!  That is where the wine comes in!

Their conversation together was sweet.  I just am not sure if I am sold on Kiptyn anymore.  I think he seems a little nerdy, corky, I don't know.  What do you think?  Of course, the talking was followed by kissing.  Seemed a little awkward, like he wanted to jump down her throat and she wanted to look cute!  All the ladies on my couch agree that their kissing is just weird, but that she really likes him.  

And the rose goes to...drum roll please...Kiptyn.  

Group Date: Tanner, Jake, Robby, Wes, Ed, Michael, Reid, Juan, David
This date starts at a curling place.  Hello, Michael, the break dancer, was so funny.  The evening progresses where the guys get into 2 teams to compete in the curling.  The losing team will head back to the hotel room, the winning team gets the date.    I totally want Michael's team to win because he is just so sweet...lots of hugging sweet words.  The girls think he is just a friend.  

Douche Bag quote of the night: "Curling is about flexibility, balance and touch, and I've got all of them."...Juan

Winning team: Robby, David, Jesse, Jake, Juan, goes on a historic boat for dinner.  Did Jillian really wear Michael Jackson gloves on the boat, and please, Jesse, loose the hat!

Jake and Jillian had the first one on one conversation.  We think that he looks like a blond Tom Cruise, but way cuter.  He really is the sweet, nice guy.  Seriously, are we supposed to feel bad for Jake while he is complaining about being too perfect?  

Next, Jillian has one on one time with Jesse, on a bed.  They had another awkward kiss.  Was he holding his breathe?  All these kisses are just weird.  

Oh man, now David has time with Jillian.  She is looking a little toasted.  He is currently talking about her "a$$"...AWKWARD!!  This is totally a train wreck, he is talking about her tata hanging out.  Oh man, he went in for a kiss and she gave him the cheek.  He did not like that and let her know.  Thank goodness Jillian sees his disrespectfulness.  He is going home!

Douche Bag quote #2: "Why the hell wouldn't you kiss me after you hear the word $%^#"...David

After the totally awkward conversation, where Jillian seems totally frazzled from her chat with David, she brings out the rose.  The rose goes to......Jesse.

Date #3: 2-on-1: Mike and Mark
Nice, this date scene shows the guys getting ready, could have lived my life without seeing Mark in his boxers... ewe no butt.  When the guys see Jillian, Mike runs to greet her and Mark stays back like a stray little puppy.  They get to go on helicopter ride...get ready, I have a lot to say about this little trip.  First, Mark didn't let Jillian in the helicopter and neither did Mike.  Jillian sat on one side, which meant only Mike was the only one getting to sit next to Jillian.  Then, Jillian was holding Mike's thumb, not his hand, his thumb.  Seriously, Mark is so stoned, like eternally stoned.  He is going home.  

I am really not into listening to their one on one conversation.  I am just sick of hearing the guys try to "win" and tell her all the things she wants to hear.  It just seems fake and annoying.  

The rose goes too...Mark.  Stace totally called that one because Mark was talking about how he got his heart broken and Jillian totally falls for that!

Rose Ceremony:  Loved Jillian's dress!  Ok, Wes is creepy.  Jillian seems to really like him, but I am pretty sure he is going to be the one that has the girlfriend.  Jakes alone time with him was sweet, but a little weird.  I am glad that he talked to her about her comment regarding him being himself.  

Tanner is having one on one time with Jillian...ahhhhhh...he is the one that will tell him who is a dirt bag!  Name names Tanner!  This conversation really messed Jillian's mood up.  She told the guys that the cocktail party is over and that the rose ceremony is about to begin.  

Chris and Jillian are chatting:  Jillian's heart is broken about the douche bags in the house.  If the guys really do have girlfriends, then ABC needs to take some money out of Jillian's bikini budget and do some background checks on the guys and investigate them a little further. 

Jillian confronts the guys.  The guys look like high school students who cheated on a test.  Holy Moly guys!  Just say who has a girlfriend.  Oh, Tanner just got really mad.  We think David has the girlfriend.  He seems to be backpedaling a lot!  Tanner is so mad that Juan is looking at him.  This whole scene is just weird!  

The roses go too...
Kiptyn, Jesse and Mark already have roses
Tanner...WHAT??  At least he didn't have the foot thing going this episode!

David and Juan are going home...thank goodness!  Poor, poor clueless little David.  He just needs to watch the show and see how he comes off to other people.  

Ok, our Bachelor look-a-likes:
Ed: Denny Duquet (gray's anatomy)
Mark: Ray from 90210...you remember, Donna's boyfriend
Jake: Blond Tom Cruise
Wes: Collin, the cocaine addicted painter from 90210...Kelly's old bf!
Michael: buzzed-head kid from A Few Good Men...anyone know the name?

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